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09 October 2019The Artists of Montmartre - ‘The Pilgrims of Babylon’
13 November 2019Pots and Frocks - the world of Grayson Perry from Essex potter to superstar National Treasure
11 December 2019The Journey of the Magi: 1700 years of the Three Kings

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The Artists of Montmartre - ‘The Pilgrims of Babylon’ Douglas Skeggs Wednesday 09 October 2019

There is no name more evocative of Bohemian life: of high spirits, decadence, poverty, and revolutionary art in Paris, than Montmartre. In reality it was little more than a rundown suburb overlooking the city, bristling with windmills. But the garden cafes, the dance halls and cabarets, and the ramshackle studios that spilled down the hillside of Montmartre would become the inspiration and home to some of France's greatest artists. 

From the Moulin de la Galette where Renoir painted Parisians dancing in the afternoon sunlight, to Toulouse Lautrec's vivid images of the Moulin Rouge, the smoke filled cabaret where the can-can was danced to Offenbach's music, to the shabby garrets of the Bateau Lavoir where a group of artists headed by Picasso would paint canvases that would shake the foundations of Western art, this lecture charts the course of this extraordinary artistic life.

Douglas Skeggs

Cambridge Fine Arts. Writer, Artist, TV Presenter. Lecturer to many London art courses. Director of the New Academy of Arts. Author of 6 Novels.